Check your window genuine or cracked

check windows genuine or not

How to check your Windows Genuine or Cracked

अगर आप भी एक Windows user है तो आप ये जरूर जानना चाहोगे की आपका operating system Windows genuine है या नहीं |

Window genuine है या नहीं ये हम 2 तरीके से देखेंगे पहला तरीका जो की हम आसानी से setting में जा के देख सकते और हम command prompt का use करके देख सकते है |

WAY 1 ) Check windows genuine or cracked via “setting” –

 1) go to the setting .  

   2) then click "update & security" . 

   3) then click to the "activation" option if your "OS" is active .

   4) and it's shows "Windows is activated with a digital license"
     its means your windows 10 is genuine .

5)  and  it's shows "Windows is activated using your organization's 
    activation service" it means your 
   windows 10 may be  cracked ,
    please note my words "may be" cracked 

WAY 2) Check windows genuine or cracked via ” command prompt” –

    1) Open your command prompt.

    2) And type " slmgr.vbs /dli " and hit Enter .

    3) And its shows your windows is "license" ,  if it's 
     shows "licensed" then your windows is genuine
        if its shows any expiration date then your windows 
      is "pirated" or "cracked"

if you need licensed windows click the given link

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