coronavirus updates and effects

Coronavirus Covid-19 is a very big problem in front of us now we have lost much more due to this and market are down global market are down people are so much varied about it world health organization have also declared it pandemic ( महामारी ) 2020 there are some points that are much affected by a coronavirus

1-Indian and international markets are down- Indian stock market (NIFTY) almost touch 7000 and now it is trying to settle and go up but every day increasing in number of corona infected effects on it.

2-people are so much varied about going out touching things – because of the virus is also stays on things people are trying to not touch things which are touched by other peoples .

3- Bus and trains are shutdowns – to stop coronavirus (covid-19) infection govt has stopped buses and traines .

4-labours who was working in Delhi Mumbai and another tear one city are going there home (village ) via walking because of point no. 3 . labours are travelling without food and water they just started to walk home .

5- Formers are not able to sell their things from small villages that are not connected to cities.

And so many things are viral fake viral news below does not believe that

1- A video is going viral in which many people are dying vomiting on the road – this video fully fake it is a video of a Chinese web series in which also explained about a virus

2- A complete medical solution – there is so much fake news that is saying that there is a treatment for coronavirus those all are fake. especially there is no official statement from any doctor and scientist there is no treatment for covid-19. the news which is viral those are about sars coronavirus

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