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Here is the breaking news is trending on all over the internet that the jyotiraditya scindia is joining BJP party and leaving congress party this was trending from the morning and now it is declared that jyotiraditya scindia has resigned congress party this is the very bad news for the congress party this means that madhya pradesh govt will go down and shivraj shih chouhan will be next  CM  of madhya pradesh .

So this is the very good news to BJP party  madhya pradesh where shivraj shih chouhan run the mP govt from the last 15 year he won the election but at this time took the time and may be he will becoming the next cm to the madhya .

22 vidhyak are also resigning from the congress party mr. jyotirajscindia is attended a meeting to PM modiji with amit shah tooday and it is decleared that he has resigned congress party .

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