Top Snowfall Places in india

Top Snow Places in india –

So every mid Indian and all off the snowfall lovers always want to enjoy the joy of snowfall. So they always plans to go to a place where they can enjoy the snowfall .  I was being also planed from last 4 years and after that I got chance to go north Sikkim to enjoy the snowfall .

                                                                       Yes north Sikkim , Himachal Pradesh , Jammu ad Kashmir , Arunachal Pradesh and yes one of the most ice state is Uttrakhand are the only state where we can enjoy the snowfall .

They are the most memorable memories of our life , when we were in snow so here you will be enjoying the memories of that moment life long after you will came back to home . lets not for you See below the most snowfall visited places in India .

We will start with the north India so here are the snow place from north India –

Jammu and Kashmir state have many of the area covered by the snowfall most of the months 

List of most visited places in Jammu and Kashmir 

So here are the  places in Jammu and Kashmir which are the most demandable and snow places in Jammu and Kashmir   and where people wants to make a tour plan always .

1-Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

2-Pahalgam, Jammu Kashmir

3-Patnitop, Jammu Kashmir

4-Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

5-Gulmarg, Jammu Kashmir

And so on we will go to next state Himachal Pradesh it has also many places to visit which covers snowfall .

List of snow places in Himachal Pradesh.

1-Manali. Himachal Pradesh.

2-Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

3-Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

4.Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

List of snow places in Uttarakhand.

1-Nainital, Uttarakhand

2-Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

3-Dhanaulti Uttarakhand

4-Chopta-Tungnath, Uttarakhand

List of snow/ice places in Arunachal Pradesh



3-Mayodiya Pass



6-Sela Pass




List of snow places in north Sikkim .

1-Katao , Sikkim

2-North Sikkim

3-Lava, West Bengal

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