firstly ,IP is a protocol.

with the help of this, we can send and receive from one system(computer) to another computer. Each system on the internet has at least one IP. All peoples IP address is different.

secondly,Ip address mainly use two types:



1.Ipv4: IPv4 address consists of four sets of numbers from 0 to 255, separated by three dots. The IP address is This number is use to identify the website on the Internet.

The total number of IPv4 addresses ranges to Because 256 = 28, there are 28 x 4 or 4,294,967,296 possible IP (internet protocol) addresses.

2.Ipv6: IPv6 address format is different than the IPv4 format. ipv6 is eight sets of four digits that use colons to separate block.

IPv6 address 2602:0445:0000:0000:a93e:5ca7:81e2:5f9d. There are 3.4 x 1038 or possible IPv6 addresses, meaning we shouldn’t run out of IPv6 addresses anytime soon.


Online to send an email you are accessing network that is connected to the internet one that gives you access to the internet.

Perhaps that’s connecting to whatever internet service provider you have at home or using a company network in the office.

now, To do this successfully your computer is using your IP address

and this is used as a virtual address to establish a connection.

The part of the IP address stands for Internet Protocol.

That linked to all online activity, history , summary you do somewhat like a return address on a letter you’d send out.

And confusing Information technology is crazy stuff

after, it is the best way to deal with any system and networks(through the internet).

We are all on the Internet these days .

and it seems we are always connected through our personal system, laptops or mobile phone devices.

And every time you go on the Internet, an IP(internet protocol) address is right there working for you.

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